How It Works

  • Call us, send a quotation request or send enquiry on our website.
  • Receive a reply to the enquiry or quotation within two hours or discuss the issue with the vehicle with a qualified auto electrician over the phone.
  • Get a booking for the repairs on an agreed time. All bookings are normally on the same day if booked earlier in the day.
  • A qualified auto electrician will be onsite on time with all the spares required for the job especially where diagnosis could be done over the phone.
  • When on site our expert Auto Electrician will give the customer an estimate cost of the job after assessment.
  • If parts are to be purchased a deposit of ½ the quotation amount will be required.
  • All repairs are done to customer`s satisfaction and a road test carried out where necessary to confirm proper functionality of components repaired. A report will also be generated where other areas of the vehicle may need attention especially if compromise to our repair job is likely.
  • Our Technician will explain the warrant period available for the repairs carried out. Warranty periods can extend to 12 months, 20 000km or 2 years where a battery is fitted.
  • Our Auto Electrician will discuss the invoice details and how they arrived at the amount with the customer before payment is received.
  • Payment is always on job completion while still on site. Payment can be made by CASH, EFTPOS, VISA, MASTERCARD, or AMERICAN EXPRESS.
  • In the unlikely event of a warranty claim, our auto electrician will replace the part or attend to the repaired areas at no cost to the customer. In cases where the fault is emanating from another component or areas of the system, the issue will be discussed with the customer and payment shall be required if repairs go ahead.
  • Every visit to the repair site will incur a minimum service fee.
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