Alternators An alternator is designed to recharge the vehicle battery and to power the vehicle electrical loads. Alternators are not designed to recharge a heavily discharged battery, doing so will cause extensive overload to the alternator and cause damage. Heavily discharged batteries are to be charged on a battery charger. It is also important to consider the right type of charger for recharging your battery.

Most alternators today have in-built regulators and these regulators are designed to control the amount of voltage that circulates through the system. In some late model vehicles, voltage regulation is handled by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). These charging systems are designed to charge in stages unlike the conventional system. Testing these systems will require a qualified auto electrician. Call Budget Mobile Auto Electrics now.

Vehicle Faulty Diagnostics

Vehicle Faulty Diagnostics The introduction of On Board Diagnostics OBD gave vehicles a self diagnostic capability. The owner and the technician can now have access to the state of health information of the vehicle. The instrument display panel now incorporates an “Engine Check light” or “Malfunction Indicator Light” and once any of these lights illuminate while driving, it is an indication that a fault within the system has been detected. All vehicles with On Board Diagnostics have a Data link Connector DLC which is used to connect tools to interpret the data stored in different modules on the vehicle. Budget Mobile Auto Electrics has diagnostic scan tools which when connected to the DLC can reveal diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) present within the system. These DTCs can then be interpreted by our expert auto electricians and used to repair the fault on the vehicle. However the use of these tools do not substitute the customer`s explanation of how the vehicles is performing. Symptoms and how they occur play a bigger part in rectifying a fault. At Budget Mobile Auto Electrics we listen and value everything that our customers have to say with regards to a fault on their vehicle, having the correct description of a fault or problem is a step towards permanently rectifying it. If your vehicle has a malfunction indicator symbol on the display, call our expert auto electricians now.

Trailer Brake Controller

Trailer Brake Controller A brake controller is an OEM or aftermarket device or module that is mounted to the tow vehicle`s driver dashboard area. It engages the trailer`s braking system in delayed time or proportional to the tow vehicle`s brake engagement when slowing down or coming to a halt. Most basic brake controllers will generally have a positive or negative gain adjustment, the tow vehicle will need to have the gain set as high as possible without the trailer brakes locking up after making a few test stops. The heavier the trailer the higher the gain adjustment would be set and therefore the less the chance of wheel lock-up. We have expert auto electricians in fitting brake controllers. We can supply you with the controller or we can perform a fit only if you have the part. Call us today for a quote.

L.E.D Lights

L.E.D Lights LEDs are being used with increasing frequency in automobile lamps. They offer long service life, extreme vibration resistance and can permit considerable shallow packaging compared to most bulb type assemblies. LEDs offer increased safety performance benefit when employed in stoplights, they rise to full intensity in a ¼ of a second faster than incandescent bulbs when power is applied to them. This faster rise time not only improves the attentional conspicuity of the stop lamp but also provides the drivers following behind with increased reaction time. The energy efficient nature of LEDs allow for maximum engine efficiency as they require lesser power. If you are thinking of replacing your stoplights and indicator bulbs with LEDs, why not call us for a professional job.

Trailer Electrics

Trailer Electrics With majority the of modern vehicles fitted with CANbus networks, wiring up trailer towbar electrics is no longer as easy as feeding trailer wires directly to the towing vehicle`s rear lights. Modern vehicles now use CANbus networks to connect the tow bar electrics to various safety controls. Wiring kits that can interact appropriately with the system must be used. Without such, the vehicle cannot detect the presence of a trailer and can therefore not activate safety features such as trailer stability program which can electronically control a snaking trailer or caravan.

Since the 1990s most vehicle manufacturers started to incorporate bulb-check systems in vehicles and with this came the introduction of by-pass relays, unlike the direct connections, by-pass relays take only a small signal from the rear lights to switch a relay which in turn powers the trailer lights with its own power feed. These By-pass relays are now found in most vehicle specific installation kits. Get it right the first time, call a qualified sparky to wire it up for you. With our prompt response to breakdowns, help is only a call away. Call Budget Mobile Auto Electrics today.

Dual battery fitment – Voltage Sensing Relay (VSR)

Dual battery fitment – Voltage Sensing Relay   (VSR) The use of a voltage sensitive relay (VSR) when connecting a dual or secondary battery allows 2 batteries to be charged at the same time, when the engine is started and the start battery reaches 13,7volts, the VSR engages allowing two battery banks (start and house) to be charged simultaneously. When the voltage drops below 12,8volts (engine stopped), the VSR disengages, separating the two batteries.

This system eliminates the possibility of draining the wrong battery and protects the sensitive electronic equipment powered from the house battery from harmful engine start up spikes.

For a proper way to connect your accessory or second battery and not run the risk of draining your start battery and damage components on your vehicle, call Budget Mobile Auto Electrics.

Jumpstarting Modern vehicles

Jumpstarting Modern vehicles Most modern vehicles have complex computer systems that need to be protected when doing a Jumpstart. It`s always good to try and find out why the battery is flat in the first instance .If an electrical systems fault or battery internal failure is suspected it is always best to find experts and avoid possible further damage to the vehicle.

NB: Where Manufacturer`s procedure is not available the following procedure can be followed:

  • Use Jumper leads with spike guard and surge protector to prevent damage to the vehicle`s electronics.
  • Ensure that ignition keys are out in both vehicles and all electrical loads such as headlights, interior lights are turned off.
  • Connect the red lead to the positive (+) of the discharged battery and the other end the same booster red cable to the positive (+) of the booster battery
  • Connect the black lead to the negative (-) of the booster battery and the other end of the same booster black cable to the engine block of the discharged battery vehicle
  • Start the slave vehicle first and then start the vehicle with discharged battery last. Leave both vehicles running for 10 minutes then turn them both off.
  • Follow the same procedure in reverse order . Disconnect the booster cables starting with the black leads.



ImmobilisersToday `s vehicles are fitted with immobilisers which prevent them from cranking or starting if a wrong key is used. If this system fails, you could encounter starting problems even where the correct key has been used.

We can reset the parameters in the immobiliser system or replace fault components where starting problems are being experienced, just call us.

Daytime Running lights

Daytime Running lightsWith the increase in vehicle numbers on our roads there has been an increase in road accidents too. A portion of these accidents is attributed to lack of visibility of other motorists. Daytime Running lights are configured to operate during daylight hours and installing them on your vehicle could certainly aid your visibility by other drivers or pedestrians.

Budget Mobile Auto Electrics installs Daytime Running lights on vehicles and can carry out auto electrical alterations or repairs to your vehicle. If you are considering installing daytime running lights, why not call BMAE today?

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