Starter Motor Repairs

There's is no sadder sound than a starter motor struggling to turn over. That little click click of doom that quietly says 'you're not going anywhere'. The worst part is that 'anywhere' includes the mechanics – you'll over have to pay to get your car towed to the shop to have it fixed. Luckily there's Budget Mobile Auto Electrics. We pride ourselves on starter motor repairs. Whether you need starter motor repairs in Pakenham or starter motor repairs in Mornington, we can send a technician to you to fix that pesky starter motor.

If perhaps it's not the starter motor, Budget Mobile Auto Electrics also provide fuel system repairs. Our technicians can accurately assess the problem and fix it. In addition, all of our staff can provide a warranty for their work and the parts they install. The warranty is for periods of up to 12 months or 20,000km, or 24 months for batteries. Our staff will always generate an estimate quotation on all jobs before they start work. Avoid the cow boys in the car industry; call us at Budget Mobile Auto Electric for reliable and honest service the next time you hear the click click of doom.

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